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SMOOTH & straight / Starting at $45

Hair that is touchable, sleek, and shiny. Service includes wash, massage, and blow dry. Iron use is optional.

DRY STYLE $35: Come in with clean dry hair and we can smooth it out with our amazing R&Co products. 


wavy & tousled / Starting at $45

We all want that "I didn't do my hair, but did I?" look. Waves can be structured, (or not). It's up to you how wavy you want to be.

Service includes wash, massage, blow dry, and style.

DRY STYLE $35: Come in with clean dry hair and we'll wave it up with our amazing R&Co products + some impressive iron work. 


add Braids to any look / Starting at $10 

Braids add an interesting touch to any look. Make it polished or messy. Fishtail or french. Corn or ... you get the idea. Let's make some braided magic. 


up-styles / STARTING AT $85

Up-do's aren't for old ladies.. Get inspired by Frida Kahlo's braid, or Audrey Hepburn's french twist. We can customize it to your liking. Make your own historical 'do. 

Service includes: wash, blow-dry, & style.

DRY (up)STYLE $65: Come in with clean dry hair and we'll work our styling magic on your tresses.

Not to worry, braids are included in UP-style prices.

makeup looks


natural / STARTING AT $75

What is natural? It's like you, but YOU 2.0! Let us enhance your natural features, bring out your eyes, highlight your cheekbones, but keep it still looking like you. It's a full face of makeup, that doesn't look like one.


smokey seductress / STARTING AT $95

Makeup lovers rejoice. Smokey eyes never go out of style. Intense eyes paired with a lip of your choice. This look includes lashes, because what's a smokey eye without lashes? 


makeup A la carte  / STARTING AT $15

Want a little something, but not too much? That's okay!